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Welcome to Web3Games

Web3Games is an integrated blockchain gaming ecosystem that includes 4 core products: Portal, Protocol, Studios and Chain. We aim to help traditional game developers integrate their gaming products with blockchain, making gaming assets decentralized and permissionless, and bringing back the digital ownership of in-game items to players.

How does it work?

Web3Games Studios collaborates with game developers to build good quality blockchain games, which will be distributed through Portal. In order to attract more user traffic, we provide IGO/INO services for other cooperative gaming projects.
All users in the portal need to create their own Player ID in Web3Games ecosystem. With a growing number of people using Player ID, more developers are willing to integrate with Web3Games protocol, thus, players can login to different games with their Player ID. Behind everything, it is our Chain that supports the whole ecosystem.

Products Overview

All of our products are built to help game developers to transform their products into blockchain gaming.
When a gaming project joins Web3Games ecosystem, we provide services such as development, blockchain integration, and token economy. Also, we will help them to create a go-to-market strategy on the launchpad, and gaming token sales as well as NFT sales. Our goal is to help game developers to produce the best blockchain games for the community.
Here are some brief descriptions of Web3Games' core products:


A one-stop blockchain gaming portal with a multi-chain launchpad (e.g. Ethereum, NEAR, Solana, Flow, etc). Featuring facilities such as Token Swap and NFT marketplace designed for the gaming market. Game developers will be able to launch their new projects and host the initial sales for the gaming assets.


An API-as-a-service protocol designed for gaming companies to integrate with blockchain. Game developers can seamlessly access and distribute blockchain assets such as NFTs and gaming tokens.


A hub to foster up-and-coming blockchain games and digital culture. Our current portfolio includes game development teams with extensive backgrounds in producing virtual games such as Call of Duty, Diablo, amongst others, who are now building play-to-earn blockchain games. Game developers can join or partner with Studios to build superior blockchain games together.


Web3Games provides a Substrate-based blockchain to improve efficiency and ensure low transaction costs for NFTs, and also for the next generation gameplay. Web3Games player ID will be supported by Web3Games Chain to show transparency and gradual decentralization.
For more details, please refer to products.
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