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More than code, we're passionate players. Team (Based at 🇭🇰 and 🇨đŸ‡Ļ) is driven by a team of 30 dedicated professionals based in Hong Kong and Canada. Our team comprises three distinct but highly collaborative units: the blockchain team, the game studios team, and the marketing and operations team. Each team brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, ensuring that we deliver cutting-edge blockchain-powered gaming experiences to our global audience.

Blockchain Team

Our blockchain team is at the forefront of innovation, developing the infrastructure and applications that will revolutionize the gaming industry. They possess a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its potential to transform game mechanics, ownership models, and player interactions.

Web3Games Studios Team

The game studios team is responsible for creating immersive and engaging crypto games that captivate players worldwide. Their expertise spans game design, development, and art, ensuring that our games not only leverage the power of blockchain but also deliver exceptional gameplay and storytelling.

Marketing & Operation Team

The marketing and operations team plays a crucial role in connecting with our community, expanding our reach, and ensuring the smooth operation of our platform. Their strategic planning and marketing campaigns drive user acquisition and retention, while their operational expertise ensures the seamless delivery of our products and services.

With a team of passionate and experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, is poised to shape the future of crypto gaming. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and community engagement will drive our success and establish us as a leading force in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

Team Awards

Our team is actively engaged in various hackathons and campaigns within the blockchain development community, consistently garnering recognition for our innovative contributions. Here's a glimpse into our recent achievements:

đŸĨˆ Techcrunch Disrupt SZ: Blockchain Track 1st Runner Up

🏅 Polkadot Hackathon: Developer Choice Award

🏅 Hello Layer2! Let's roll up! Ethereum Hackathon: Commercial Excellance Award

🏅 Metaverse Alliance Global Hackathon: Infrastructure Track Winner

đŸĨˆ Solana Summer Camp Hackathon: Gaming Track 1st Runner up

đŸĨ‡ Solana Summer Camp Hackathon: Community Voted Champion

Backed by Industry Leaders

Team has garnered the support of esteemed crypto investors, securing a $4 million USD investment in 2022-2023.

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