Launchpad Instruction

Updated on 27 Dec, 2023.

This Instruction takes our latest event: $WGT Public Sale as an example.

✍🏻 Things to Prepare

  1. A supported crypto wallet

  2. Enough Matic on Polygon for gas fee

  3. Enough USDC on Polygon for token launch (100 USDC at least)

  4. A verified email account for Portal

🌐 Related URLs

In case you don’t have MATIC or USDC on Polygon for token launch)

  1. Go to a CEX to buy some MATIC and USDC (e.g. Binance)

  2. Go to a DEX to buy some MATIC and USDC (e.g. Quickswap)

  3. official swap: W3gswap

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose the Launch event you want to enter

  1. Click Player Login on the TOP RIGHT corner

3. Type in your email and then click CONTINUE

4. Check your email inbox and find the verification code you just got, type it in and click LOGIN NOW

5. Click Connect Wallet on the TOP RIGHT corner

6. Choose a supported crypto wallet (Let’s use MetaMask as an example)

7. Input a USDC amount you want to deposit

8. Click APPROVE USDC and wait for MetaMask pop-up

9. Input a number NO LESS THAN the amount you want to deposit, then click Next and Approve

10. Wait for the approval transaction to complete, then input a number you want to deposit and click DEPOSIT TO JOIN, and click Confirm on the new pop-up

11. When the deposit transaction is completed, you’re all set! You can see your USDC amount deposited on the Launchpad

12. According to the token launch rules, you can claim back your remaining USDC in the pool when the public sale ends on January 8, 2024 3:00 PM HKT, and you can claim $WGT after it’s unlocked

13. You can immediately trade tokens you have already claimed through W3gswap.

How many $WGT will I get?

To further explain how our $WGT Public Sale works, we’d like to raise an example:

Alice has invested 500 USDC in the pool without a whitelist, while the accumulated contributions from all participants in the pool amount to 500,000 USDC, among which whitelisted investors have contributed a total amount of 240,000 USDC.

In this case, Alice will receive $WGT tokens:

The amount of USDC that Alice will be refunded after the Public Sale accordingly equals:

Under the same conditions, if Alice has whitelist access, she will receive the $WGT tokens:

Pending $WGT: claimable amount of $WGT in addition to protected quota for whitelisted participants & actual claimable amount of $WGT for non-whitelisted participants

Alice’s refund receivable:

If the total funds raised in the Public Sale do not exceed 360,000 USDC, everyone will receive the allocation of $WGT based on the amount of USDC invested. If the total funds raised exceed 360,000 USDC, all exceeding funds will be refunded after the Token Generation Event (TGE). Launchpad Refund Policy is committed to fair and transparent token distribution. Our Public Sale on the launchpad prioritizes user protection with a comprehensive refund policy. In the unlikely event that the token price falls below 80% of the public sale price for a sustained period of 3 hours within the first 24 hours of launch, users have the right to request a full refund of their invested funds. This commitment to user security assures participants and demonstrates our dedication to responsible tokenomics.

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