W3Gamez Network

Unlock the Power of Fully On-Chain Gaming

About W3Gamez Network

W3Gamez Network is a Layer-2 Optimistic Rollup blockchain, designed specifically for gaming by Web3Games.com, leveraging OP Stack for its foundation and ensuring data availability through NEAR.

It provides developers with a cost-effective platform to launch their on-chain games and offers abstracted wallet management for users. W3Gamez Network envisions a future where trust and transparency rule the gaming landscape. We're building a fully decentralized ecosystem powered by robust blockchain security, where everyone plays fair and owns their experience.

W3Gamez Network takes center stage in Web3Games.com's 2.0 roadmap, empowering developers and players with a dedicated platform for fully on-chain gaming. Web3Games.com's existing infrastructure including NFT Marketplace, w3gswap and launchpads provides robust support, while Web3Games.com Studios fuels the ecosystem with exciting new on-chain games.

What makes W3Gamez Network unique?

Super Cost-Effective Network

W3Gamez Network is an EVM-compatible Optimistic Rollup, coming with much lower gase fee compared to L1. With our data availability integrated with NEAR , we can make our transaction cost further lower.

Tailored Contract Functionality

At the heart of our chain network is a sophisticated smart contract architecture specifically tailored for gaming applications with abstracted wallet delegation system. Game developers can leverage pre-built templates and customizable smart contracts to create engaging and unique gameplay experiences.

Ready-Built Infrastructure

Web3Games.com's established tools (NFT Marketplace, w3gswap, launchpads) on Polygon Network will migrate to W3Gamez Network, accelerating ecosystem setup and enabling free trade of on-chain gaming assets.

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