FOCG Development Toolkit & Infrastructure

Empowering On-chain Gaming


Pioneer Secure On-chain Interactions with Account Abstraction (ERC-4337)

The Wallet component serves as the secure cornerstone of our on-chain gaming platform, pioneering a new era of secure interactions through the implementation of Account Abstraction (ERC-4337). This cutting-edge protocol enhances the on-chain gaming experience for developers and users alike, providing a seamless solution for account creation and management while prioritizing security.


Accelerate Development with Pre-built Templates

Accelerate your game development journey with the Contracts module, providing developers with a suite of pre-built templates. These templates are a game-changer, streamlining the creation of on-chain gaming contracts. Developers enjoy accelerated development cycles, concentrating on the unique aspects of their games, while users benefit from a diverse range of gaming interactions enabled by customizable contract templates.


Drive Engagement with Custom In-game Shops

Revolutionize in-game economies with the Marketplace component, allowing developers to effortlessly create and embed custom shops for their game collections. This user-friendly interface becomes a central hub for trading, buying, and selling in-game assets. Developers enhance user engagement by providing players with a seamless and integrated marketplace, driving economic activities within their gaming ecosystems.

Gas Tank

Boost Accessibility with Sponsored Gas Fees

Introducing the Gas Tank component, a groundbreaking feature empowering developers to sponsor and abstract users' gas fees. By subsidizing or covering transaction costs, this mechanism removes barriers to entry, making on-chain gaming more accessible and economically viable for developers. Enhance user acquisition and retention by offering a cost-effective on-chain gaming experience.


Real-time Data for Dynamic Gameplay Mechanics

The Indexer component acts as a real-time data hub, providing developers with essential information such as item data and wallet balances. This empowers developers to enhance gameplay mechanics dynamically. Developers gain access to comprehensive metrics, making informed decisions to optimize game mechanics, while users benefit from accurate and real-time in-game information for a dynamic gaming experience.


Flexible Monetization with Diverse Payment Options

The Payments module simplifies the financial aspect of on-chain gaming, offering developers a versatile payment solution. Supporting fiat, cryptocurrencies, and traditional card payments, it ensures a seamless payment experience for users. Developers can tap into a global user base, offering diverse payment options to cater to varied user preferences and access to financial instruments. This flexibility enhances the monetization strategies within the on-chain gaming ecosystem.

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