What is Web3Games?

Web3Games is an integrated blockchain gaming ecosystem that includes 4 core products: Portal, Protocol, Studios, and Chain. We aim to help traditional game developers integrate their gaming products with blockchain, making gaming assets decentralized and permissionless, and bringing back the digital ownership of in-game items to players.

Why Web3Games?

For game players, we provide Player ID where they can login to different games easily and risk-free whilst game developers can access players' on-chain assets through the Player ID API. We implement professional programs to engage players in the early stage and to spread the game to players all around the world. Through Web3games Portal, early gamers can join token or NFT sales events, get the latest news of games, participate in the regularly organized events, and more.
For gaming companies, we provide such services as development, blockchain integration and token economy. We will help them create a go-to-market strategy on the launchpad and gaming token sales as well as NFT sales. Our goal is to help game developers to produce the best blockchain games for the community.

How does it work?

Web3Games Studios collaborates with game developers to build good quality blockchain games, which will be distributed through Portal. In order to attract more user traffic, we provide IDO/INO services for other cooperative gaming projects. All users in the portal need to create their Player ID in the Web3Games ecosystem. With a growing number of people using Player ID, more developers are willing to integrate with Web3Games Protocol, thus, players can login to different games with their Player ID. Behind everything, it is our Chain that supports the whole ecosystem.

When IDO?

Please wait for further notice.

When can I play the game?

After the IDO, we will launch around six games separately. As soon as the games are launched, the community will be the first to know. You can find more immediate information on our Social Media.

How to join the whitelist of Web3Games token IDO?

Whitelist spots are open in various regular held community events. You can join our community for more information about whitelists.

What is Web3Games(W3G) Token?

W3G is the native token and acts as a transaction fee in our Web3Games Chain in the future.

Where can we buy W3G tokens?

Web3Games Tokens ($W3G) is not live yet. More information will be released regarding public token sales upon IDO. Please stay tuned for further notice.

How can I use $W3G?

You can use $W3G in the following ways:
· Get New Games
· Earn IGO/INO Tickets
· Payment Currency
· Protocol Usage
· Chain Native Token
· Token Governance

What is Player DID? Why Player DID?

Player ID is designed to become the users' blockchain gaming profile. Users can create Web3Games Player ID on our portal. It's decentralized and connects your email and wallet on different chains, and social media. With Player ID integrated, you can login via email without importing your private keys to various devices. It provides easy access to the game assets and protects wallets from being hacked. The safety of your digital assets always comes first.

Additional information and resources

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