Web3Games is a one-stop integrated ecosystem aims to build a bridge between the users and game developers.
We have created several solutions to the problems discussed above.

Easy access to crypto wallet

We have created Player ID to lower the entry barrier for general traditional gamers to join the Blockchain Gaming World. Player ID is a brand new user account system developed by Web3Games, where players can create an account simply with an email and a verification code. It is associated with crypto wallets, but doesn’t store any on-chain assets in the Player ID. Users can login to different games using their Player ID without any risks whilst game developers can access players' on-chain assets through the Player ID APIs. More importantly, player ID is fully supported by our Chain to be transparent and decentralized.

Simplification of blockchain integration

For traditional game developers, we set up Web3Games Protocol API to break their current games into 2 layers: on-chain gaming assets and off-chain gaming mechanisms. Developers can easily access players' on-chain asset information through the protocol player ID API. After the game, they can also allocate the gaming tokens to the players as rewards through the asset distributor. This greatly simplifies blockchain integration and boosts game transformation.

Becoming early supporter of the games

Web3Games Portal can be seen as the Steam for blockchain games. We cooperate with a list of blockchain gaming projects, to help them form early communities for players, and assist with campaigns such as public token sales. We implement a professional marketing program to engage players in the early stage, and to spread the game to players all around the world. Through Web3games Portal, early gamers can join token or NFT sales events, get the latest news of games, and participate in the regularly organized marketing events, for instance, the AMA with gaming projects.

Building with developers

We have set up Web3Games Studios to work with different gaming production companies and studios. We provide consulting services on blockchain integration, token economy and gaming distribution. Above all, we would love to work with game developers to create high-quality games and strengthen our protocol services to enrich the blockchain gaming development ecosystem.