Token Utility

Get New Games

Related Product: Studio
For games built by Web3Games Studio, W3G Stakers can earn game tokens or exclusive NFTs. We would like to bring more benefits to our token holders by building the best blockchain games.

Earn IGO/INO Tickets

Related Product: Portal
To participate in IGO/INO, users need to stake W3G to enter the lottery or whitelist. The more W3G the user stake, the higher probability users can get for entering the IGO/INO.

Payment Currency

Related Product: Portal
$W3G will be accepted as one of the currencies within the portal. Community members can use $W3G tokens to trade NFT gaming assets and tokens.

Protocol Usage

Related Product: Protocol
Game developers need to stake W3G for high usage integration with our API-as-a-service protocol.

Chain Native Token

Related Product: Chain
W3G is the native token and acts as a transaction fee in our Web3Games Chain in the future. We have 20% of W3G locked up until our production chain is launched.

Token Governance

We will have a community treasury to manage the revenue generated within our portal. This treasury will be governed by $W3G holders once the network has become sufficiently decentralized.